restore color palette

my color palette suddenly not appearing when opening project. I can create a new project and it is there, but not on the current project.
Would appreciate any info on how to restore the palette. Thanks!

It’s easy to create a new palette and new colour swatches (from the menu of the colour window) but are you certain that your palette is actually gone? If you don’t have a frame of a drawing element selected you will not see your palette or colours listed in the colour window.

I know that this is an old post, but I was having the same issue just now and in case anyone else googles and comes across this I wanted to provide the solution that worked for me.

Go to your project folder. Go to the “palette-library” folder. Hopefully there will be 3 .plt files there. Ignore the “penstyle_opacity.plt” file. There should be a “filename.plt” and a “filename.plt~” file there. Delete the one WITHOUT the ~. Then change the name of file with the ~ by removing said ~ (nothing else). It will replace the file you’ve just deleted.

Open your storyboard pro file. Your swatches should be restored.