[RESOLVED] Storyboard Pro not opening correctly

I just downloaded a free trial for storyboard pro, (I’ve been using it on a school licence before) but after I open a file or try to create a new one, the application only opens for a split second before shrinking and disappearing. Even weirder is that the toolbar on top of my screen (I’m on a mac) shows storyboard pro’s options. (file-edit-view-play -etc) I even managed to render a video, though everything else is invisible as if minimized. Any Help? Thank you very much


After you start Storyboard Pro go to ‘Windows’ and ‘Restore Default Workspace’.

Let me know if you have access once again.

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Hi, I know this is an old response, but your comment actually helped me out with a question I posted today so thank you so much! Also, I’m not sure if you can answer this, but would you happen to know how to fix pen pressure/sensitivity on storyboard pro 6? I’m using a Wacom CIntiq 13HD but the pen pressure/sensitivity is not working at all.