[RESOLVED] Copy Paste keys add extra drawings

Hi, I’m using TB harmony 14 on windows.
I’ve 2 rigs Dad and Jeff, Jeff has been based on DAD’s rig whit some changes.
During the rigging process to check the rig I usually copy and paste the key of a rig into the other (from DAD to Jeff).
So far so good. Suddenly copying the 3Q back from dad to Jeff I’ve encountered an odd issue, In the Hair drawing, TB placed a drawing of the body !!! adding it into a new sub-drawing that wasn’t there before…
The 2 head drawings are identical in the rig, with 10 sub-drawing each.

Usually, I copy the main peg’s key of the rig and copy it into the other rig, but I’ve noticed that if I copy just one of the lower’s peg (in term of peg’s hierarchy) and paste into the same peg of Jeff’s rig the mistake doesn’t happen!!!

But our animator NEED to copy the main peg, not the lower one…

Can anyone help me to understand why this happens only if I copy the main peg?

I’ve rebooted the pc, I’ve done a new file to be sure that the previous file wasn’t corrupted,
Nothing changed, the mistake is still there.

find the solution :smiley:
There was a sort of corruption in the drawing…I’ve fix it, duplicating the hair with ctrl+b…and deleting the old one.
Now it works

Fantastic news and thank you for updating us.

I will update the topic to resolved.

Best Regards,

Technical Support Specialist
Toon Boom Animation