[RESOLVED] cannot be created due to case sensitivity conflict

Hi all, I’m using TB14 on PC.
I’ve 2 rigs Dad and Jeff, Jeff has been based on DAD’s rig whit some changes.
In Dad’ rig (and so also in Jeff’s rig) some drawing modules have at the end an empty drawing substitution named EMPTY (or empty or Empty).
I’ve saved one pose of dad as TPL and pasted into Jeff’s rig. All the pegs have been copied perfectly, BUT I’ve started to have a popup warning that tells me this:

Drawing EMPTY cannot be created due to case sensitivity conflict.
Drawing EMPTY cannot be created due to case sensitivity conflict.

the warning is repeated twice in the same popup

See picture attached also.

We’ve never had this issue in TB, we didn’t change any drawing name between the two rigs, and this popup appears only if I copy some poses of the turn-around:
for example, if I copy the Front pose from dad into Jeff, no pop-up whit warnings appear, but on the second pose of the turn around (3Q pose), it happens.
Can anyone help me, please?


Please make sure in each template that there is only one layer or drawing called Drawing or drawing or DRAWING.
Pick one of them and delete or rename any other layer using the same name.

hi @rkriz, thanks.
So you suggest that the issue is not in the sub-drawing’s name, but in some modules that have similar names ? did I get right?

Hi Luca,

It could be the layer but really it’s more likely that it is
a drawing of a layer that has the duplicated name. The
only location where you can see the drawing’s names
is in the Xsheet.


Cheers -ron , ill probably try to find it in the xsheet
thanks :slight_smile:

Sorted! You’re right, there was one sub-drawing named in a different way…I’ve changed it and no more errors