Okay this might sound a little crazy.

I have taken to using to in some situations start off game textures (cause I like the tools) and then putting final touches on in photoshop. This has made me pick some wierd resolutions.

However I seem quite restricted in what I can choose on the low end. EG I can’t do 512 by 128 or something. This doesn’t seem right to me as I assume some people use animate for web banners. However when I try to create that resolution Animate won’t let me.

What are the actual restrictions?

Well that explains it.

I will try doing it the other way.

Thank you for your help.

There should be no restrictions. I just noticed that there might be a problem with creating a resolution with small numbers from the welcome screen, however if you just create a project with a preset resolution then go into the scene settings you should be able to create a small resolution there. I just did 10 x 100 and that worked fine for me.

I guess I never noticed this one before because I tend to create my resolutions from the scene settings dialog.

You can also save the resolution from here by clicking on the Save button and it will be available from the welcome screen in the future.