I’m thinking about purchasing Toon Boom Studio. I was wondering about the resolution Toon Boom Studio can render. I cann’t find anything about rendering in the manual. Even though, Toon Boom Studio is meant to create animation for the web. I’m more interested in creating animation for the movies or to be put on DVD. Would Toon Boom Studio be appropriate for this type of animation. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

You can set the resolution yourself by adjusting the Properties of the project you are working on. This is done under File/Properties.


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TBS creates vector graphics, a.k.a resolution independant.

When using ToonBoom for video, I’ll create the ToonBoom graphics at 720x540 and then after doing a final edit, I’ll export it to DVD resolution 720x480 as an uncompressed QuickTime movie.
Then, take that into a DVD editing package to create the DVD.

Hope that helps.

Brian Hoard
BHH Studio