Resolution troubles

Hey I seem to be having some problems scaling my resolution back up without losing a LOT of clarity.

I swapped the project res to low so I could make a file small enough to send via email but, although I turned it back up to HD, it is very muddy and blurry. I used the scale output, which helped a little bit but since it’s a vector software, it shouldn’t even be an issue.

I’m sure I’m just missing a module adjustment or something but I’m not sure what.
-Project resolution at 1080
-Scale output module at HDTV
-Have attached another display module to scale module. Also tried attaching scale to the original display. Same effect, neither changed much.

Normally the Scale module is to scale down, for example from HDTV to NTSC. If you use it to scale up it starts from a lower quality image and just duplicates the initial pixels. It is not using the vector information at that time.

So you should put the project resolution to the highest value that you need then if you need a small version you put the Scale to downscale, not the opposite.

Sigh, I was afraid of that. I started at HD and now I’m trying to get back there. I made dummy files and turned my scene into a template to try to fix it with no such luck.

Is there any way to make it back into a vector? Or at least a better resolution?

I’m not sure what you mean by dummy files. If it’s a template they are still vector elements. By rerendering the scene at high resolution there won’t be any problem. Not sure what you are trying to do at this point, sorry.

Actually I should mention here that changing your scene file from HD to a lower res would not actually make the file smaller to email. With vector files, the data that is stored is independent of the resolution.

The only thing this would affect is how the scene is rendered out. So you simply need to go to your Scene Settings dialog and switch it back to HD.

By the way, if you’re trying to email a project, and it’s too big, double-check to make sure that there aren’t any frames in the frames directory of the project. This is where it stores renders by default. You may have some preview renders in there from doing a Render and Play, or you may have rendered out a sequence. If you clear this folder out, then the file should be small enough to email (unless you have a lot of imported bitmaps in your scene).