resolution for imported drawings

I am working on my first Toon Boom Studio animation and want to draw my backgrounds in Painter X and my then my characters with either Painter X or sketch them and scan them into Photoshop.

I plan on importing them for an output of a 320 x 240 podcast animation. My question then is how big should I make my files so that they have enough resolution but not too much for the software to handle?

Specifically what sizes and resolution would be good? At least 4 inches x 3 inches at 72 or 300 dpi?

I do plan on zooming in on some of my backgrounds so then I’m sure that those will need to be larger file sizes. How much bigger?



The dpi value is not that important for animation purpose. It is more of a printing standard. You should go for a 72 dpi but vary your resolution according what the focus will be in your scene. So if you have a zoom in your scene that is 2 times the scene you should simply double up your resolution to avoid losing quality upon zooming.

You can define how big your zoom will be by simply scaling your elements to fit the size of your framing and see what scale value you have used (undo the scale after but and position your elements in Z instead but it will be faster using this method as a reference).

Not quite sure this is the ultimate solution and other might have other ways of doing thing but in any case hope this will help.

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