resizing scans - quick way?


I like to actually draw my animation outside of toon boom and then scan the pictures in. when i do, however, they always come in oversized and I have to manually resize them all - which causes problems registering the drawings to each other.

is there a quick and easy way to resize multiple drawings, or a way to bring in scans at set sizes?

also, I ususally mark my drawings with two small boxes either side of the subject so I can resize and register (line up) the drawingss in toon boom. Does anyone have a better way to register scans?

thanks in advance,


if you’re on a pc, there is a free tool for this: irfanview.

after you install the program:
1. file > batch conversion/rename
2. check ‘use advanced options’ checkbox
3. click on the now active ‘set advanced options’ button
4. play with ‘resize’ area in the popped up dialog :wink:


try to set your animation proportions the same as the images proportions (or the other way round), otherwise the images would fit the smaller dimension.