Resizing multipe panels

I have scanned in twenty one pages of thumbnails which I need to resize uniformly for clean up. Please can someone explain in terms a child could understand how, in my current project, I can select the layer in the first shot called “roughs” and resize it so that the other twenty layers, in the following twenty panels will resize at the same time. The following layers are also named “roughs”. There is another thread which discusses this but I cannot get my PC version of Pro 4.1 to do as suggested. This is undoubtedly my fault and the first time I have attempted this. I am at the point of smashing up my computer… Thanks for any help received.

Sorted it! If anyone is interested this is how it worked out.
Hold down Alt Gr and Shift then click on the layer in the first of your panels : Still holding down Alt Gr and Shift scroll along to the final of your panels and click on the similarly named layer there : All of your panels from first to last, with the same name, should now be highlighted in a pale blue except for the last one you clicked which is a darker blue : Let go of Alt Gr and Shift : Now press Shift and A and you should be able to manipulate all of the layers at the same time. I used the darker blue level and I managed to resize all of the pages at once. Thanks to sdietter and Dean for all the help.

not sure I understand what the “Gr” means…if those are two keys, then it’s not working for me.
I’m trying to reframe panels for an entire project as well. Thanks!

Hello bacculus.

I’m really sorry. I haven’t been on the forums since my last post and never realised you had asked this question! On my UK Dell keyboard the key to the right of the space bar is Alt Gr. It is one key.

I realise this is now of no use at all to you but I would hate for you to think I had just ignored you.

Hope you got that panel resizing sorted.

Hi, did we ever figure this out for American keyboards? I accidentally resized my entire project and can’t get it back without going through every sequence manually, which is not only annoying but risks inconsistency.

If I use CTRL+A to select all my panels, and then resize the frame, it still only resizes the frame for the current sequence. I need to resize ALL the frames in my sequence, consistently.


You can find the process of how to here:

Highlight the layer in the first panel. Now select the first panel in the timeline, then hold Command+shift on Mac or Alt+Shift (I think, might be ctrl+shift) on PC while clicking on the last panel, you should see all the panels will become highlighted. All layers with the same name will be selected in all the panels selected. With the panels still all selected, in your stage view drawing window with the select or brush tool, lasso the entire area that contains all the drawings of that layer, or you should see every drawing highlighted. Now resize as needed. All will be effected uniformly.

Note that this is buggy in SBP5 I’ve found, sometimes it will ignore random panels arbitrarily.

Side problem to this. I am having trouble understanding the Reframe tool. I cannot get it to work. This should be a global edit to the scene, right? Resizing all art and camera keys of all panels in the scene, right? Anyone have success with this? I am using mac Storyboard Pro 6.

The method in the video tutorial doesn’t resize the scene’s camera keys and all art. Does the Reframe tool do this? I cannot get it to work. Anyone have luck with this tool? Im on a mac Storyboard Pro 6