Resizing lines

What I have been doing is drawing hands large then resizing them and fitting them on to a character. I do this so that I can acheive the level of detail I want. However, in doing this the lines are also resized. Is there a way that I can select a drawing object and make those selected lines thicker? Any help i can get would be much appreciated.

If your contours are pencil lines and not brush strokes, then you can select them with the select tool and then change the width in the Pen window.

You can convert brush strokes to pencil lines by selecting brush strokes and then using the Tools > Extract Centre Line menu entry.


I must be doing something wrong, but I can’t change line thickness and have tried what you suggest. I can see that my line is selected in the drawing window (it’s a pencil line, not a brush), but when I change thicknesses in the properties window, the drawing remains unchanged.

Make sure that you are selecting the pencil line using the selection tool (first toolbar, looks like a black arrow/pointer).

Thanks, but this doesn’t address my question. I made an assumption that the tool would be as flexible as the similar Illustrator tool, but, as another user told me, it doesn’t work that way by design.

Too bad for me…I like the control of the polyline tool, but the thick and things of the drawing tool. I wish the weren’t mutually exclusive.



Thank you so much!