Resizing a Rig

Hello everyone.

I’m working on a production where we’re creating multiple rigs for a single production. We’ve been sizing each character’s art in Toon Boom before we begin the rig. What I mean by that is that we’ll figure out all the character’s size in relation to each other, then before we start rigging a new character we’ll drop the main character into the scene and size the art for the new character accordingly. This way, all the characters have the same line width and when you drop them all into a scene they’re all already the correct size, which keeps their sizes consistent throughout the entire show.

Today I discovered that one of our riggers-in-training forgot this step before he began 2 rigs. The rigs have now been completed, but they aren’t the correct size. I don’t want to simply resize them with their master peg. That puts information on that peg which we don’t want. I’m wondering if there’s any other way to completely resize an already completed rig without adding a new peg or putting info on the master peg. Any ideas would be appreciated.

You could resize the rig by turning off the animate button and resizing the rig on top peg (it would change the size to all parts connected), the change would not produce any additional keyframes.

As far line width, if you do the line art in pencil then you can use the script that comes with harmony called tb_edit_line_thickness. It allows you to select the entire rig and connect all drawing layers to a controller, which can then change the line size dynamically (whether its for zoomed/zoomed out shots or whatnot). You can connect al rigs to one controller or have individual line size controllers for separate rigs (you can also connect BG to this as well if its made using the pencil tool).

Thank you for your advice!

The reason I didn’t want to adjust the master peg is because of the line widths. When you shrink down the character the line widths change, and then you have to eyeball the line widths. Which is fine, so long as it’s only these 2 characters, though not ideal in general.

Do you know of a good tutorial for the line thickness script? I haven’t had much luck finding one.

Oh, I figured it out!! It’s just like magic. Lol. Thank you!

There’s not much documentation on it but it looks like you got it, albeit if you have more questions you can always ask here.

Hi, I have a similar situation with a puppet I rigged. I’m interested in learning how to use this script to resize lines. Could you post a step by step? Thanks.

You pretty much go into node view, ctrl+a everything (or manually select layers that you want to be impacted, note that it must have been made with pencil), then click the button once u added the script and select adjust thickness over time (and it will give you a selecter to bind to 0 to 9, pick one you want to control, or you could select head to be one thickness controller and body another), and then that’s it. After you can click on any layer and hit shift+e to bring up properties, go into line thickness tab, and click the graph for proportional and keyframe it to whatever size you want (all the other layers bound to this will change with it).

Thanks for your reply. I’m not sure what I’m not doing right. I’ve added the edit line thickness script button to my scripts toolbar, and clicked on it after ctrl+a everything. I selected adjust thickness over time. When I click on a layer, and go into the properties thickness tab, the proportional is greyed out, although I can access the graph and keyframe it. Nothing happens… the line stays the same thickness. I’m also wondering if you have to alter each individual layer, or if you could alter the lines of an entire puppet at once. Thanks again.

The effect is only visible on render, it doesn’t change the lineart in opengl view.

Thanks again vrexus… that was the one step I was missing. It works perfectly!