Resize object in %

You can resize an object with the transformation tool but if you want to resize to an exact size in number or in % how do you it best.

So you can have control over the changes.

/ Mattias

In the timeline, click the + sign of a drawing or peg to open your parameters (position, rotation, scale, and skew). If you don’t see the parameters column on the right of the Layers column, you need to click first on the second/middle icon in the bottom left of the Timeline. You can change the values there, for instance, from 1.000 to 1.250 to increase 25% (both x and y). Note that if you’re in Animate mode you’ll add a keyframe, if you’re not on Animate mode you’ll change the layer on the whole scene.

Luis Canau

Hi Luis,

Thanks a lot. It was there in front of my eyes. As it often is:

/ Mattias