Resize imported background 1920 x 6480

I imported the background for a pan shot. However, the image height is way bigger than than the camera box of 1920. How do I scale this down so the image has a height of 1920?

The image is a raster image. Toon Boom Studio 6

OK I found the anchor points and scaled the image.
The image is 1920 x 6480 can some tell me why it imported about twice that size?
Also, when scaled to fit the camera box the image is elongating horizontally.What am I doing wrong?

OK I got the size right and locked the image.

I am not sure what I did wrong importing the image for it to be almost double. The imported image is a png at 72 dpi. Does the dpi have to be at 72, 90, 300 etc

You should simply match your imported image’ resolution to the TBS 6 resolution. If your original image is larger than necessary, better to reduce the size prior to import.

“You should simply match your imported image’ resolution to the TBS 6 resolution” and that would be?

??? Then how do I pan the length - 6480 as it would not fit the 1920 x 1080 camera box without strips top and bottom I would think? Not sure.

Thanks for the response.

If you want to match your png to your TBS HD scene resolution, you need to scale it prior import, keeping constraints (so it scales in proportion).

I think I understand your predicament: your width of your png background is larger than the scene size because you want to use it to pan over.

Can you send it to so that we can give you suggestions or if that is not possible, please give me both the width and height of the png and I will recreate the scenario here.

Thank you

Yes you are correct as a pan.
The pixel image size is 1920 x 6480.
I did a blank of the background to show you what comes in when use fit when importing

Where are we at on this?

Hi… depends what you want; you could match your scene to the height of your background image or you can extend your background image to match your scene height res.


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