resize a cell

i want to do a flying cycle for a spaceship i have…
im using just 2 sprites to animate the turbine…the problem is
one is bigger than the other an i cant resize only one sprite if theyre in the same image file if i scale it both sprites reduce/grow
is there any way to do this or do i have to rezise it in another program?


Scaling of an image element is global to that element, so if you want to scale individual pieces you could either do it outside of TBS in an application like Photoshop or if you want to be able to animate those changes you can break your raster images into multiple pieces and import each piece as a separate element. Then you can individually scale and keyframe each piece. -JK

do you have your drawings as vectors or as bitmaps?

while scaling lines you’d come to the issue of their varying thickness. choose some app which is not scaling line thickness (photoshop does, tbs as well, i addressed this issue many times in the wish list for new releases).

and how about adobe illustrator?