Residue strokes appear when erasing with Wacom pen

When erasing with the side switch of Wacom pen, often there are little brush strokes appearing at the end of erasing. It happens both on Windows and Mac and only with a Wacom tablet. Doesn’t happen in other software, and it doesn’t happen on a Huion tablet.
Here is a video recording of the problem:

Well if the Huion works might be a Wacom driver issue.
How did you map the Wacom Pen Button? With Keyboard > Keystroke, then defined ‘e’ key for Erase? Or Tablet > Erase?

it’s set to Tablet>Erase. This might be the driver, but it happens both on Mac at home, and on different Windows machines at work, which use different driver versions. Besides it doesn’t happen on any other software, so it’s a specific problem between Wacom and Toon Boom

I tried changing the button from Eraser to E shortcut - same results unfortunately

so no news about this issue?