Reshaping within timeline with drawing tools?

Hi everyone. I am new to TBS (immigrating from ASP). Being new to the programm, I 've experienced a certain difficulty; It seems I cannot use, i.e., contour editor or any other draw tool to animate points of an object between keyframes.

Here is what I did; In default workplace, I created an object. I set a key frame to frame 1. I set another keyframe, lets say in frame 10, and I use contour editor to change my object. Now, the changes I’ve made in frame 10 apply also to the rest of the frames, as well as in the first (or in any other keyframe).
I changed …tacticks. I set keyframe in the first frame, in the frame 10 a use the contour editor and THEN I set the keyframe. The result is the same.

Any help?

And please forgive my awful english (I just hope I discribed you the nature of my problem).

Ok, I chose TBS because it supports traditional animation, so it is not such a big problem for me that I cannot animate points within the timeline. If I understand the philosophy of TBS, it pushes you - and I do not mean it in a bad way; on the contrary - to animate traditionaly. I figured that out, after I took a tour between the answers in other posts (probably I shouldn’t post mine here). So, if I need to animate points, I have to use ASP. Am I right?

You could do what you intend by copying/pasting the vectors from your original drawing into a new drawing cel of the same element; then modifying the contours on this newly-created drawing.

Yes, in deed. That would give a, somewhat, “traditional” (“tradigital” I think is the term) sense on that animation. Even this is not the traditinal way to do it, I think that it pushes you to animate in that way or to start thinking that way. Thanks for the reply Kriz :slight_smile: .

We wanted to show a door how to open, and with reshape tool is easy to set 4-5 points where the door will be at some time, but is madness as it doesn’t make the animation like transform tool, changes all frames … this is very strange for me, as it’s a digital software for animation. Does anyone has some solution for this ?

Hi cadarS_4895
If I am getting it right, you have the same problem as I thought I had. But, I also belive that kriz gave the right answer; create your door at the first frame, thencopy it and paste it to the second frame. There, in the second frame, make the changes you want and repeat that procedure for as long as you need. In TBS you cannot transform points as in other programs.