Reset rotational hotspot

I’m not sure how I got in this state but sometimes I’ll place an arm on a character and set it’s shoulder rotational point. Later on I’ll come back to the drawing and need to move that point only to find that as I move it, it is very out of sync with the element… almost like the element is on a different orbital path than the hotspot. I’m not very concerned with that because the answer is to reset the rotations/transformations to get it back in order. Which leads to my question.

At the moment I’m going to the properties window and manually setting everything back to 0 to get back to square one. Is there a global ‘reset’ for an element that does the same thing?

Hi Charles,

In your case it would be important to know which tools you are using while you are moving around your elements. The select tool will set static position and if your element is already animated it will offset the whole animation. The transform tool set keyframe. If you see some keyframe on your element and want to remove an offset you could simply remove the keyframe on your element and this should reset the animation. Be aware that the transform tool set a temporary pivot point so if you need a steady rotation pivot do not use this tool for the pivot will reset its position as soon as you deselect it. If you want to set a steady pivot make sure to use the Rotation tool. The pivot point you set with this tool is a permanent one.

Also, make sure that if you work with peg and you are at the point of animation that you use the Peg Only Mode (Tools>Turn Peg Only Mode On). This tool will automatically select the parent peg of the element. This will prevent you from creating keyframes directly on your element which might not have its pivot point set to the right position. If you want to select the elements again afterward make sure to turn the mode off.

Best regards,