reset layer transform

I created a layer transform . pinned layer to camera . I decided to undo that .
I tried to reset transform but found it would not go back to default position.,. i still had an A and a B position in the layer.
Only work around was to duplicate layer and delete original . Bug i think. ( this in previous version of 4.2.
i have just upgraded to latest this morning .

Thanks for the reply- The problem was not with the camera. The problem was I could not reset the layer transform. Even if i tried resetting the layer transform it would not delete the layer move. I gave up in the end and did it a different way.

The layer transformation will not be affected by a camera reset because it’s
not the camera doing the movement, it’s the layer’s “peg”.

If you have a dynamic camera tool selected, there will always be an A and B
position. You can reset the position of either the A or B box by going to its
keyframe and resetting the camera. If you only need one camera position,
stick with the Static Camera.

You can also select the panel itself and from the Camera menu choose
“Reset Camera of Selected Panels”

The reset view is for resetting your current view on the panels, it’s purely
for the interface and will in no way affect camera moves or layer
transformations, only how you see them in the Stage view.