Reset deformation keyframe to default

There is a ctrl+shift+Z for normal pegs to reset keyframes to it’s default position and scale.
Is there one for deformation, because I tried the same ctrl+shift+Z for it and it doesn’t work. I’m midway animating my character and realize the shape/size of my characters arm has deformed in such a way that i need to reset it to it’s default shape and size.

Thanks in advance.

The easiest way to reset a peg is to remove it’s keyframes. Another simple way to do it is to delete the peg and to replace it with a new one from the “Module Library”.

You can also selectively reset parts of the peg or movement by modifying the “Layer Properties” of pegs and elements but this requires a good knowledge of what the settings of the Layer Properties window are referring to. This info can be found in the Help.

there’s a “reset all tranformations” button in the camera view toolbar that i find helpful. give that a shot.

Hi peeps,

Thanks for the reply,
Unfortunately the delete peg method will only convert it to the deform peg on the previous keyframe, and I didn’t have a keyframe of it’s default position so there is no way for me to copy and paste the original position :frowning:

I tried the reset transform all, but it only applies to normal pegs and not deformation peg :frowning: or is this only happen on my version of Harmony? does this function work on yours?


oh wait i misunderstood. you want to revert a deformation back to its “rest”? Select your deformer and head up to the deformation toolbar, and click on “copy resting position to current” (the red line with an arrow pointing down to the green line). that will pop it back to its original pose. hope that helps.

WOWW!! you are totally right!
I never knew that button existed, took me awhile to figure out how to activate that button because it has always been greyed out (disabled), but it WORKS!!!
This really makes my life so much easier.
Thank you Franksummers!

First you need to enable the “Deformation” toolbar from the Windows menu.
Next select your deformation group in the Timeline or Node view.

I’m having this same problem! How did you activate the button?