Requests for TBSi, Tablet support, and sound usage

I would like to suggets three things for inclusion if future updates to TBS.

First, the TBSi plugin should be altered to make “hold” frames not be imported as keyframes into Flash. Currently, all frames in all layers from ToonBoom become keyframes in Flash, even if there is no change between frames in Toonboom.

Second, graphic tablets should be able to be used in mouse mode and not just in pen mode. For software that touts usefulness for “paperless” animation with a Wacom tablet, this limitation should be fixed. It is probably the biggest single reason that I do not do ALL of my animating in ToonBoom.

Third would be the ability to place “markers” on the sound tracks that would act as “audio keyframes” so that lipsyncing of several characters and audio matching could be improved. This could be used to “remap lipsync between markers” to different characters without having to import every line of dialogue as a separate sound file. By breaking up the sound file into chunks with markers placed at select places, it would probably greatly improve the synchronization of longer sound files.

I can create or send examples to demonstrate what I am requesting if it would help understand my convoluted thinking and inept writing skills.

Thanks. With or without these changes, I still think that ToonBoom is a fine product and will continue to use it as a major part of my projects.