Requesting some features

Hello , i would love to request some features in the upcoming versions of Animate pro or Harmony .
The first feature i would love to have is the ability to lock the feet for example a character rigged with bones and curves , I would love it if it’s gonna be locked once you rigged it , i mean not like the IK tool , but more like ik in a 3D application once it’s set , it’s going to be there in the character all time i import it from library , and also when you move the character left or right up and down, the feet will want to remain in the same spot .

and the 2ed feature i wanted to request is “Ray effect” , For example sun rays through the clouds , or underwater , and either animated overtime , or use an animated Matte , and to be able to change its color and the position. for example show the controls and a handle will show witch helps to move the direction of the rays ,and also can be animated .
I wish this is not confusing as i am explaining it .

And last i would love to request a dynamic for the bones, this will act like follow through , .

I forgot to mention the Autosave ,

Thanks a lot ,

Hi Lilly ,
Thanks for your reply .
What i mean with dynamics in Bones, for example you have a fast movement of an arm fast , when applying dynamics to the bone , the arm will make some secondary movements. can be used for hair , cloth …etc

Thanks for your replay again Lilly .

Autosave will be there in a new build that will go live on the website within the next couple of days (for Harmony). I’ll put a notification on the website when it’s there, and you’ll see it on the Harmony website too.

I totally agree with having a ray effect, that could be very cool.

I have heard about the ability to pin feet with deform as well.

What exactly do you want for dynamic for the bones?