Requesting Better License Management for Animators on the Go.

I’m a professional animator that works both in a studio using my own license for Harmony Premium, along with at home. Occasionally, I may move around on a laptop.

It’s been a real historic issue for me to get Harmony working when I need it for either situation.

In order for me to move my workload from my workplace to my house, I have to manually send the license back to the license server, and then retrieve manually in my house.

Now, this probably would just be an inconvenience, if it wasn’t for the fact that if you send the license back ‘n’ forth a couple times, the license locks restricting me from doing last minute work at home and requiring me to either drive to the studio on a Sunday to work on it, or literally beg Toon Boom support for a temp license.

Obviously, I understand that Toonboom needs to make money, and doesn’t want me to install the program on a bunch of computers so I can have an entire team of people working from one license. I’m not requesting that.

But maybe, if possible do one of the following:

  1. Have Toonboom do a license check whenever you boot up the program, if the license is being used, you can prevent it from working.
  2. Do the Adobe solution where you limit the license on 2 computers. Automatically log out of a computer if you install it on another.
  3. Add a huge watermark over any kind of output from a computer that previously had the license, but is currently not holding it.
  4. Give a computer that previously had the license a 1 or 2 day window to be used. Maybe even with the watermark.
  5. At the VERY LEAST, eliminate the transfer limit, if every other thing is too much trouble to do. I would be more than happy for just this solution.

This has been, really, the only real problem I have with Toonboom Software, and if Support remembers, I’ve called them more than once to unlock a transfer limit, or give me a temp license in the midst of a crisis.

So, 8 months later… any news about his?

Also, did the upgrade price just got higher than before?

I agree with all the posts above. Licensing management is a headache, and the transfer limit makes working on a project across two devices a complete nightmare. Why not adopt a 2 machine limit like pretty much everybody else? I’m sure there are plenty of users like me who were expecting a fix for this in the latest update and are disappointed and frustrated that we’re still having to juggle license management as part of our workflow.

Hi Bluegnu,

Thank you for your feedback! We are always looking at feedback and requests to help us map out future updates to our software and our licensing system is no exception. We currently have no upcoming changes to announce but rest assured that we have gathered and will continue to gather a lot of feedback about our license request system and we will be going through all of that feedback as we plan for the future.

Thanks again!


This whole license transfer is a headache.
This is why I dont want to risk install on my second machine…

Why not let people install it on 2 computers like every software in the planet?

This one I will never understand…

Is this the future of animation?.. sad panda…

Very much yes! This goes for Storyboard Pro too.

When working on the move I normally have my licences on the Cintiq Companion, and switch it back to my desktop PC when I’m more sedentary.

However I had a power-cut in the studio a couple of weeks ago while working in TB and because It’s not possible to activate/deactivate a licence remotely I ended up completely locked out of my licence for the rest of the day.

I really would like to see something akin to the second option mentioned above - limit the license to 2 computers. Automatically log out of the previous computer if you activate it on the second machine.

they should simply allow log in online to use the program on one pc at a time and auto log out when log in on another pc with the license wizard …

While we don’t have anything to announce just yet, we are in the process of evaluating the entire way our licensing currently works and we are looking into long term solutions to a lot of the issues voiced in this thread.

Please keep sending us more great suggestions!

So, this was 6 months ago.
Any news about coming changes for how licensing will work?

Really hoping for an installation on 2 computers without any return license headache…

Hello Orhan,

We have no news to officially announce quite yet, but I can assure you this is still brought up regularly in our office. The second I get news on this front I will let everyone in the community know.

Good to hear, thanks.
Hopefully soon, like in the next point update :wink: wink wink…