Requesting a Devoted Toon Boom Guru

I don’t see any way in which a Toon Boom employee assigned here to the User Forum would be a waste of resources. Aside from the SPAMers everyone here has a common interest. The more we know the more we can show off YOUR product. Not everything is a technical dilemma. Many specific questions arise from general presentations (i.e. tutorials). It would only promote Harmony by having a dedicated guru here to answer User questions.

I have been here long enough to spot the pattern of token presences which drift in and out depending on how close the upgrade release is. Let’s see some true, honest, sincere, genuine, dedication to serving the users Toon Boom.

Hi o0Ampy0o!

Just letting you know that your voice has been heard. Any and all spam from this point forward will be deleted once I catch it.

I’m also going to answer day-to-day user questions when I can, or at least escalate them to someone within the company that can.