Request: Toonboom should make TheRaider an Official employee!!!

If you look at the lost souls that come to this site seeking guidance in many many different aspects of Toonboom Animate and Animate Pro, Myself included, TheRaider has always been there to help us!

Not only with his Excellent tutorials, but by dialogging via these forums. Regardless of language barriors, or level of experience, TheRaider is there.

This thread is for those of you who have been helped out, not once, not twice, but multiple times by TheRaider, to request that Toonboom honor that commitment and make him an employee!

Come on Toonboom do what’s right!!!

I think Raider is such a valuable member of this forum. His knowledge of the the software and willingness to help is awesome. He makes easy to understand and very, very useful tutorials and he really strives to make this forum a thriving little community. You rock Raider ;D

He’s been a great help to me too :slight_smile:

James (TheRaider) has my vote.

I am somewhat embarrassed you made this thread :)It was all Alex’s idea I had nothing to do with it! Thank you for the kind words :slight_smile: I will try to keep finding interesting tutorials to make.If the powers that be like Alex’s idea I wouldn’t say no on a part time basis!

Contributors like TheRaider make the Toon Boom community vibrant and help other users get better at using Toon Boom products. There is nothing like a power user sharing his tricks with other users. This is greatly appreciated and kudos to TheRaider for his remarkable commitment in this forum and in the blog. Maybe TheRaider would be keen in starting the first Toon Boom User Group?

ToonBoom user group where? I have been activily encouraging people to come here once the ToonBoom contest finishes. Now you have a WIP forum hopefully that will give people a reason.Calling me a power user will make it hard for my head to fit out the door!I said this over a vimeo, but Lilly your knownledge is quite amazing and it is clearly much deeper than mine. I just know the things that I do.I should hit 5K views on youtube channel this week which is cool. I average over 50 views a day over the last month or so.

If there are many users of Toon Boom in your physical area, then it can be fun to get together and discuss the products and the projects that you’re working on. I was a member of the Bay Area Modo Users Group when I was living there - Modo is a 3D Modelling software. We used to get together once a month to talk about the product and give each other tutorials and share our work and generally have fun. But I’m not sure where you are or whether you have an interest in this.I definitely would like to encourage to grow this community in the forum. I think that adding the “Share Your Work” forum is tied into this - I find it really fun to look at the work that others are doing, and this could inspire everyone to excel in their own work even more.~Lilly

Australia is much too spread for that sadly. But we have at least 4 regular aussies in the forums (me, ben, dessie, LPBaker). Even just being in australia doesn’t mean we 20+ hours drive from each other.According to my youtube channel stats, Australia has the second most views of my videos which is suprising. USA the most. There seems to be very little in euro and there are a few weird countries like “Saint Vincient and the Grenadines”.