Request: TGA4 STRAIGHT on Export

I love Animate and Animate Pro, and use them for all my animation work, but I have one big problem with it when it comes to exporting image sequences.
Render Network settings allow you to select TGA4, to render with transparency, but it only renders the images premultiplied with black which gives a thin black edge to all the animation which isn’t transparent.
There is no option to render the TGA file with Straight transparency.
This is never a problem with other software I have (DigiCel Flipbook for example) which renders with transparency as straight by default.

My clients prefer TGA files but I can’t supply that now because it means a very longwinded process in Photoshop to remove the black edge frame by frame, which I shouldn’t have to do on sequences of over 100 frms.
I know PNG is an option, but PNG files are not ideal.

So my request is either:
TGA4 defaults to Straight as it’s method of dealing with transparency.
Add another option to the Write Options - TGA5 - which renders out Straight.

I do hope this will be seriously considered because it will influence my choice of software to use on any given job. I’d rather use Animate, but if I have no option to supply lots of TGA file animation with transparency, I’d have to look elsewhere.

Kind regards,

That does sound like a pain. -I might have a work-around. I occasionally have that problem in Photoshop, a (sometimes) quick fix is to go to Layer → Matting → and try the options there (remove black or white matt, or defringe).
If you set an action script up for it, you can automate at least some of it.