Request for button for Animation Disc

Hi,The Animation Disc feature in Storyboard is a very useful feature, but on a Tablet PC, where I don’t have access to physical modifier keys, I think it would be nice if this feature could be toggled on and off by a single-click button (like Auto Light Table.)Currently I’m using Modlock to compensate, but an on-screen single-click button would still be better.Thanks for listening!G.Edit: I just learned about the v and c keys, and I assigned them to pen gestures using gMote. This basically does what I asked for, so…nevermind. :)There is another feature I’d like to see added though: I want to deform a sketch I duplicated from another panel to change the perspective. If Storyboard had a free distort or skewing tool, this would be easy.Anyway, I’ve only been using Toon Boom Storyboard for less than a week and it’s working out very well for me. Keep up the good work!

Hi Lilly,Thanks for the tip about the Rotate and Perspective tools. I’m guessing that these are Pro-only features as I don’t see them in the ‘standard’ version. Oh, well. For now I’m just ‘evaluating’ Storyboard for a personal short film, and upgrading to Pro to get these two features probably won’t happen.However, I’m occasionally asked to create storyboards and animatics at work, so I’ll probably get the upgrade in the future. :)G.

There’s a Perspective tool in Storyboard Pro 2, located underneath the Contour Editor, so you can get to it by clicking and holding on the Contour Editor tool.

There’s also a Rotate View button that can be found if you click and hold on the Hand - it’s the third button down underneath it. If you switch to the Rotate View button, then every time you click that button you’ll get to rotate the view.

Hope this helps!


Ah yes, the new tools are available in Storyboard Pro 2.