Reproducing Pro Animation part 2

Here is another clip of professional animation I have reproduced and tried to learn something from.

As before I traced over the characters and tried to reproduce their movements.

Feel free to comment if you want to.

This was a lot harder than the 1st clip;action=display;threadid=2840

and my poor drawing skills are more apparent.

In what way was the second clip harder for you to do?

Great work and a really interesting exercise.

I think you recreated it very accurately not that I know the original scene. I didn’t notice any poor drawing skills either. The acting/movement for me hides any weaknesses in the drawings that you may be more conscious about.

May I ask how you went about sourcing and importing the original animation then tracing over it?




The Family Guy animators draw the tweens and don’t let the computer do the interpolations. It looks much better but is a lot more work.

I found the hands and facial expressions very hard also.


I’m downloading a .mp4 from Youtube and using quicktime to turn it into an .mov. Then I import the .mov in to TB Animate on it’s own layer.

Cool! Thanks for that!