I’m new to harmony and have a quick question about repositioning my character. I just finished creating my character and now I want to move him to the right side of the screen so I can animate him walking towards the left side. When I move him with the transformation tool or the translate tool all the other parts of his body move a different distance. For example, I move the body into position but the eyes, mouth and legs will be off to the right or left. Is there anyway to fix this? or will I need to adjust the parameters each time I move the character?

You hit it right on the nose :slight_smile: Thank you very much.

Well, for one, I assume you have a Master Peg attached to the entire rig so that when you move it from place to place everything follows. But from your description my guess would be that the various layers are too far apart in z space. For a character, when you arrange the various layers/parts–arms, legs, feet, hands, torso, head, facial features, etc.–they should be arranged in z space so that they are very close but at their proper order so that things are in their proper order.

If they are too far apart in z space then, as you move them from side to side from the camera everything is going to go out of alignment. Perhaps this is what you are experiencing. In general, say for the head, the z distance can be set at 0 and the features set at only .001. This is enough to put them in front. If they are set to .1 or 1 or more, you are going to have problems with alignment as they move in relation to the camera.