reposition video on a personalized frame (on the screen) ?

I have a issue. I would like to import a video in a project, in my “TV” layer. But I didn’t find way to adjust the video on my layer screen of TV. I can use the editor tool but it applies only on one drawing as the tool perspective.

The tool to reposition all the drawings would have been able to be useful but it is impossible to adjust the screen of my tv layer or personalize like editor tool.

How can i do it ?


I have a go at this solution, thanks. But to be able to use the editor tool (to transform all drawings) along the timeline would be interesting as new features.Thanks.

You can use the Transform tool to adjust the whole layer. If you want to put it in perspective, then you can add a Quadmap effect. When you attach your movie layer to the Quadmap, then you can select the Quadmap layer and do a View > Show > Control on it. Then you can use your Transform tool to move the corners of the Quadmap.

Hope this helps!