Reposition drawing within library

Is there any possibility to reposition a single drawing within a library without affecting the position of the other drawings within that library?

Can you describe this in more detail.

By reposition do you mean adjust the art?

In TB software there is the art and then there is the art’s position. There are different positions depending on what context you are in (i.e. storage, Timeline, etc.)

A library is just a place to store things. Moving anything’s position in the library should not matter except when it comes to locating that item in the library. If you change the location the projects that use that item will not know where to find it.

After a while I added a few additional hand drawings on the same layer as the other hand drawings before so that they were all stored in the same library. However, then I realized that I obviously added the additional hand drawings at a different position then the first drawings. (The reason was simply that I traced new drawings without thinking where they should placed later on.) So whenever I try now to reposition one of the new hand drawings (move the substituted drawing including their pivot point) the original hand drawings in that library stored on the same layer are also moving. So it seemed to me that the positions of the individual drawings are linked to each other anyhow. Thus, I’m asking whether there is a possibility to fix this issue rather to draw the later ones again?

You would need to edit the template so that the added hand drawing matches the position and scale of the existing hand drawings.Select and scale/move the vectors on the page (perhaps use the onion skin feature so see the placement of the previous/next hands for reference.