reposition all drawings tool?

Hello I want to reposition all the drawings in my layer and mover them further up. Im guessing I can do this will the reposition all drawings tool? The problem is it doesnt seem to do anything when I click on the tool. I’ve tried a lot of things but cant seem to get it to work. How can I get this tool to work?


You can use the reposition all drawings tool as one select mode tool.
Go to select tool (drawing tools), click on the rigth side arrow, and when the dropdown menú is open, select: Reposition All Drawings. Then, select in the timeline the drawing element desired and simply drag it to the new position. All drawings will be moved to the new position. Hope that helps.


Is there a way to disable this tool? Every now and then I choose it accidentally via hotkeys, so when I think I’m just selecting a single drawing, I select hundreds instead. With the large scene I’m working on, this freezes my computer for several minutes.

In short, the Reposition All Drawings tool has become the bane of my Toon Boom existence. Can I remove it from the hotkey cycle somehow?