Reposition all Drawings tool... how?

I can’t seem to get this tool do do anything.
I read the Animate guide, and it looks as if you just need to select, as with the normal arrow selector.
But the Reposition all Drawings tool always has a barred symbol next to it (a no entry road-sign), no matter what or where I click.
Er… sorry, I’m at a loss. What am I doing wrong?


This looks like a bug that it does not work in Camera view in current Animate version. This however works in drawing view that you can move all drawings at the same time.

In case you need to move the drawing to match with the other drawings on different element, you can open the Camera view and Drawing view side by side and then move the drawing from the drawing view that was selected by ‘reposition all drawing’ option to complete task. However, this may not be easy when you need to move the drawing to the object that has moved by the peg because this information does not show it in the drawing view even you have light table on.

Hi Juho, thank you for the reply.
No, it just doesn’t work. Take the simplest situation: new drawing level, and I draw anything, say a circle. Then I select the Reposition all Drawings tool, and… the barred symbol appears again. Point here, there, drag, click. It just stays like that. It’s as if were dead.

BTW, in case this might be a version problem, I’m using the Mac one.


Hi J
Yes. It is true there is a bug in the Camera view. So try this.

-Open drawing view by selecting it from the tab menu if drawing view is not in the tab.
-Then select drawing you want to move all position
-And then select reposition all drawings tool from the tool bar for example.

The key point is that you need to do it in the drawing view, not camera view. keep this in mind. Rest of that, follow my previous answer in case you need to do it by seeing it in the camera.

Hi Juho, OK, thank you, it works fine now.
I see, I had the wrong the idea this was a tool to reposition all drawings on a layer, meaning all drawings in time. For example, drawings from frame x to frame xy. I was completely on the wrong track!
This tool is more like a ‘select all’.

thank you!

Right. select and reopsition all that original drawings in that element.

So for your case, you need use either peg or drawing to move over the time.