Reposition all drawings on multiple layers?

I have roughed out a bunch of character animation on multiple layers, and am ready for cleanup. Turns out my roughs were slightly the wrong size and position from what my cleanups will need to be. (These are game assets where unpegged drawings must line up). I know I could peg my roughs, nudge them, then do cleanup in the Camera view, but I really like working in the Drawing view. I would love for a way to move a bunch of drawings on multiple layers (similar to “edit multiple frames” in Flash), or peg a bunch of layers, nudge them, then bake the transformation into the drawings. Is this possible?

You can do that by selecting all the drawings that you want to modify from any columns in the Xsheet > then right-click and Send to Drawing view. Once all the drawings are in that special drawing view area you can use the Reposition All Drawings to move them all together. You can do that in Animate Pro 2 and Harmony but I’m not sure in Animate.

Oh wow. it worked! Thanks! I tried it before but I had the animate button on, so it wasn’t working.

Thanks for helping a noob!

Thank you!

Could you do other task that reposition it?

Like: enlarge, color, line transform?