Reposition all drawings not working

When I have a layer selected and I change the tool from Select to “Reposition All Drawings” I see nothing but a circle with a diagonal slash through it.

How do I fix this problem?

What I mean to say is, I can see my drawing but I cannot move it because the tool is somehow deactivated.


Do you have a drawing cell selected in the Timeline view?
Generally, when you have the Forbidden sign in the Camera/Drawing view is because you did not select a drawing cell.

The Reposition All Drawings tool will work on drawing strokes. If you have only Symbols and Bitmaps, it will not work.

To reposition all your frames for bitmap or symbols, you must use the Transform tool.

Let me know if it solves your issue!


Hello, if I want to select only some cells of my level, and not the level itself, i can do this with the reposition all drawings tool?

It will do the entire level.

If you have Animate Pro, you can use the Send to Drawing view option.
In the User Guide:
Chapter 4: Drawing and Animating Advanced Traditional Animation (PRO) > Multiple Drawings in the Drawing View (PRO) on page 169.

It allows you work on a series of selected drawings only.
At that point, the Reposition All Drawings will work.

Let me know if it solves your issue.


Hello Marie, I unfortunately don’t have the pro version. Thanks anyway, bye


As a another work around, you can always clone your layer and in the new layer delete the exposure of the drawings you do not want to modify and use the Reposition All Drawings on that new layer.

Once the modifications done, you can delete the new layer. The changes will be in your original layer.

I just tested it and it seems to work fine.

Hope this can help you.


I’m not using Pro.

Nothing worked. I tried selecting one cell, all cells. I managed to reposition all drawings with the transform tool but my goal was to resize the images.

Resizing worked except the vector lines are pixellated. I was hoping to be able to resize any drawing with no resolution problems. I need a close up of my character but I designed him full screen from head to toe. Now that I want a closeup of him I get pixels.

When I resize each frame he looks nice but I was hoping there was a smart way to do it.

Anyway… back to work…around the problem.

Maybe I can use Photoshop to batch resize the images.


Are you drawings vector or bitmap?
Did you draw them in Animate or imported images from Photoshop?

It pixelates them in OpenGL mode or Render view mode of the Camera view?

Is the Antialiasing preference enabled?

Did you try the solution I proposed in my previous answer?

Then, it gets me wondering what is it you are trying to do exactly?
You simply want to scale him up in the Camera frame?
If so, you do not need the Reposition All Drawings.
You need the Transform tool. You can keyframe the position of your character using the Transform tool.