Reposition All Drawings function

Hello, I always have a concern with Reposition all drawings function in Harmony 12 Advanced.
When I use this feature, this is not me selects all layers but only the active layer. Impossible to move the animation. I tried everything be it in the Camera or Drawing windows nothing works. It is impossible for me to resize my animations.
I saw that other users Harmony 12 had this problem
Thank you for your help

Reposition drawing only works on one layer at a time but there is a trick you can use…

Go into the drawing view and the Xsheet, from the Xsheet make your multiple selection
using “Shift & Trace”, then use reposition drawings.

Maybe for what you want to do it makes more sense to connect all layers to a single peg and change the scale/position of all at the same time using that peg.

Luis Canau