Reposition all Drawing

I am posting this because I know as soon as I do I will figure out what I am doing wrong.

In the drawing view I am selecting “Reposition all drawing” but only the current layer is being selected. So what simple thing am I missing here.

I am running Animate 2 on a MacBook Pro using Snow Leopard

The current procedure for reposition all drawings is: select the Reposition all Drawings tool in the drawing view, this done an automatic selection of all the strokes in the drawing, next, drag or transform these selection and finally release the cursor and all drawings content of the drawing element will be repositioned. This is how it should work fine for you. Hope that works. Regards.


Hi DogBrain,

What are you trying to achieve?
Do you want to move all your visible drawings on the current frame or all the drawings in your current layers?

The Reposition All Drawings tool select all the stroke for ALL the drawings on the Current Layer only.

If you want to select all the drawings you see on all the layers on the current frame, you have to use the Select tool in the Camera view. It is not an operation you can perform in the Drawing view.

You also have to make sure the Preference: Select Tool Works on Single Drawing only is disabled.

Good luck!



Sorry for the tardy response, a project ate up all my time the past few weeks. Working in the camera did EXACTLY what I wanted to do.

any Thanks




I created a character with three drawings of the arm , forearm and hand up the arm layer. But I want to reposition the 3 drawings down without creating keyframe . What can I do ?


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