Replacing Color with a new one (partial solution)

First I have some questions.

1. IS THERE A WAY TO AVOID NEW PALETTES WITH EVERY NEW IMPORT. CAN I SET SOME PREFERENCES SO THAT EVERY NEW IMPORTED DRAWING IS COLORED TO SAME COLOR (I have some files in same project that have palettes up to Bitmap Import 34 with just one color?)

2. IS THERE ANY (NO MATTER HOW WEIRD OR COMPLICATED) WAY TO REPLACE ONE COLOR WITH ANOTHER? (I have Original Element with some complex animation colored to COLOR1. When I duplicate that element I want to color all drawings in the New Element to a new COLOR2 and keep Original Element with drawings colored to COLOR1

I’m working in TBStudio 3.0 and (Palette saving/sharing is impossible by default). Here’s how I solved it.

I had many scenes with some color set (palette) and then I wanted to change let’s say color of the shirt named “SHIRTcol” from PALETTE1.

1. Copy any object from Original File colored with SHIRTcol

2. Paste it to New File. (Pasting that object will import original palette and color)

3. Change RGB values of SHIRTcol

4. Copy any object colored to (changed) SHIRTcol to clipboard

5. In the Original File delete SHIRTcol from palette. (Everything that was colored with that color will turn red identifying that object is uncoloured)

6. Paste copyed object in any drawing element - everything in the Original File that is red (and was SHIRTcol until it was deleted) will be colored to SHIRTcol but with changed values (new color)

You can delete SHIRTcol from any file and then paste object with new SHITcol it will replace it.

You can do it with the whole palette. I have the file called Palette for every project and I use it for changing colors. In TBStudio 3.5 ypu can share palettes but I think that replacing one color with another is still impossible.

Hi Mravi,

1. In v3.5 when you import a second element that contains the same palette (bringing the same element 2 times from the library lets say) it will merge the colors automatically (no new palette and usage of the same color). Basically whenever you import element from the library they automatically put it in a palette named recovered and do not create any other palette, everything is merged in a single one.

2. In this case there is no other way then to actually create a new color and paint the already painted part of the element with that new color.

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What about in TBS4? I have a project where I’ve imported about 80 files from Adobe Illustrator, all with the same colors within Illustrator, but now I have 80 color palettes in TBS4. I’d like to change some of the colors, but the only way I can see to do that is to change each color 80 times–once in each palette.

Hi Dcrinnert,

Palettes that comes from another software are always considered as new palettes for the moment. The previous statement was related to Toon Boom Studio contents that you reimport.

I will see with RnD if we can track down the information of palettes that comes with Ai and pdf files but I am not sure if that information can be merged since I am not sure it is always parsed in the same way from one export to another.

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