Replace Timeline image??? Help

I have created and keyframed an extensive panned background. It’s shot on 1s and to match the action correctly, I manually keframed each one. It’s a layered PSD file and now the OL (over layed) layer isn’t showing up.

Is there a way I can modify the BG PSD file and import it into the same ‘keyframes’ on the timeline as the original BG?

Thanks much,

Erikk ‘2K’ Lee

Sure thing you can. The easiest way to do this would be to import the new background and then select to put it on the same layer as the old one. Now you should have the new picture on frame 1 and the old one from frame 2 onwards. Now simply select frame 2 and hit ] , or in the drawing substitution window in the library select the next drawing in the list, and it will switch to that drawing.

You can also import the new drawing onto a new layer then copy the original drawing layer’s cells, then paste special on the new drawing layer and go to the advanced tab and select “Do Nothing” on drawings, making sure that all the keyframe options are checked on, and it will copy the keyframes over.

If you had done the keyframes on a peg layer, it would have been easier - you would have simply had to import the new image, drop it under the peg, then delete the original and you would be done!

Toon Boom Support