Replace existing gradient

I’m using Toon Boom Animate and I have an existing gradient that I’ve modified using the Gradient/Texture editor. I would like to replace that gradient with another one but keep the edits to the size, rotation, etc… is it possible?

I’m not sure if these types of questions should go here or in the General Discussions forum.


I am assuming you want to keep the old colour swatch for the gradient which is why you aren’t just editing that?

If so just duplicate the gradient and then you still have the old one and can edit the current one.

Of course that only works if you aren’t using the gradient elsewhere.

I believe there is also a copy and paste for the gradient position.

Yes Raider I want to keep the other swatch.

I found out that if you are in the gradient editor and do a copy if you paste in to another object it keeps the gradient info. That’s close to what I’m looking for but not quite.

For example. I have 3 circles filled with a gradient that I have modified the scale, skew and rotation for and I just want to change one of them to use a different gradient I have. I want to keep the rotation, skew and angle the same and just swap the gradient for a different one that I have in my color pallet.

Thank you Lilly! That did the trick!


If you just select the gradient with the Select tool, then select the new colour swatch, then it should just swap out the colours but keep the gradient positioning the same.