Replace Color in One Instance of Object

I think I’ve asked this before in some other fashion but can’t find the old post.

I have a set of characters that physically are all the same. The only difference is their color. Since they are the same it’s very easy to store them as a library object which can just be dragged onto the time line. I’m having a little bit of trouble though when it comes to the palette and recoloring them.

Say I have Character A and Character B then two colors named after them… Frank and Tom. When I first drag Character A and B onto the timeline they are both colored to ‘Frank’ from the original palette. I now want to make Character B the ‘Tom’ color.

How do I do this easily?

I can’t change the ‘Frank’ color in the palette because both characters will naturally change color. Is there a ‘replace all matching colors in this grouped object with this other color’ kind of functionality? I was thinking this maybe has something to do with ‘styles’ where I might use one palette and have a style for Tom then one for Frank and maybe be able to switch it that way. That pretty much does the same thing. I can’t seem to take a ‘grouped object’ and give it some independence in the palette. I dunno. It’s kind of got me struggling at the moment.

Hi Charles,

For the moment the best solution would probably be to actually create a new color to paint the shirts of character. Once done you will have to physically paint the shirt with that new color. Using this method should work.

In any case I will forward the request for future features.

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Bummer. :slight_smile:

I was afraid you’d say that. Ok… I’ll keep plugging along for now. Thanks!

You might want to consider duplicating your templates and making a set for each character, then when you use a template it will be for the appropriate character and already have the desired color scheme. That also will allow you to have separate character palettes. Just a suggestion -JK

Yeah… I think that is where I’m headed next. I was a little reluctant because I’m not 100% committed to the final character rigging and didn’t want to have to re-update all my templates for any last-minute tweaks.

I’m hoping for a little more flexibility in the area of templates overall but I’ll live for now. I mainly work in cutouts so I think in my non-traditional way of animating I am just seeing things that most of the more experienced users wouldn’t give a second thought to due to common practices.

I think it would be rather nice to be able to spawn off clones of a template and maintain their properties, like color obviously, separately. One other nicety there would be if ToonBoom could recognize any grouped object (from a template) that had not been changed at the drawing level and upon modification of that template, update any used character in the project/scenes via prompt or function. I realize that’s a bit dangerous (as long as it didn’t touch a transform) but having a template have a property to ‘allow live updates’ feature would be stellar.

I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten my joints all set up then find a little glitch that would be great to update en-masse through a base template change.

I appreciate your problem, since you are designing a cut-out character, here is another approach you might want to explore. For just those parts that are colored differently duplicate them in both color schemes within your single rigs. Then you only have one set of templates and one set of rigged characters to manage. You are just cell swapping out the colored parts just like you would swap out a normal body part in a cut-out rig. Again just a suggestion.-JK

This doesn’t solve you probleb but may be useful in some cases.

First I have some questions.

1. IS THERE A WAY TO AVOID NEW PALETTES WITH EVERY NEW IMPORT. CAN I SET SOME PREFERENCES SO THAT EVERY NEW IMPORTED DRAWING IS COLORED TO SAME COLOR (I have some files in same project that have palettes up to Bitmap Import 34 with just one color?)

2. IS THERE ANY (NO MATTER HOW WEIRD OR COMPLICATED) WAY TO REPLACE ONE COLOR WITH ANOTHER? (I have Original Element with some complex animation colored to COLOR1. When I duplicate that element I want to color all drawings in the New Element to a new COLOR2 and keep Original Element with drawings colored to COLOR1

I’m working in TBStudio 3.0 and (Palette saving/sharing is impossible by default). Here’s how I solved it.

I had many scenes with some color set (palette) and then I wanted to change let’s say color of the shirt named “SHIRTcol” from PALETTE1.

1. Copy any object from Original File colored with SHIRTcol

2. Paste it to New File. (Pasting that object will import original palette and color)

3. Change RGB values of SHIRTcol (you can change the name too, program still remembers it as the same original color by some secret name hidden from us mortals :slight_smile:

4. Copy any object colored to (changed) SHIRTcol to clipboard

5. In the Original File delete SHIRTcol from palette. (Everything that was colored with that color will turn red identifying that object is uncoloured)

6. Paste copyed object in any drawing element - everything in the Original File that is red (and was SHIRTcol until it was deleted) will be colored to SHIRTcol but with changed values (new color)

You can delete SHIRTcol from any file and then paste object with new SHITcol it will replace it.

You can do it with the whole palette. I have the file called Palette for every project and I use it for changing colors. In TBStudio 3.5 ypu can share palettes but I think that replacing one color with another is still impossible.

This still doesn’t solve the problem of different coloring of same instances bu you can quickly replace one color with another (you get extra palette but…)
I’m afraid you’ll have to pull all body parts on stage and later save them as new objects in library.

To replace color with another

1. Export desired element(s) or scene to swf
2. Import it back to your file and thats it. It will be imported (sometimes even with layers) with new palette and new color which you can change without affecting original color