repeating movement of background

didn’t know if this is the right place to put but here goes. well basically i want to repeat a background movement. to make it easier to say, lets say i’m doing a scene in a train.and i want the background u see outside the window to loop.from point A to point B then back to point A and so on. i hope i am explaining correctly. sorry for my english. i hope someone can help me. i am running on a PC(windows xp). please help. :-[

I saw your entry with no answer so I will try to help!

I made a quick attempt at achieving the result that you require which I list below.
Then I found a BIG post regarding the same subject called “Looping Pegs”
in the Scene Planning section.

Sorry if there is alot to try to understand :-<br />
Try the following… it will get you started at least.

1) In Drawing View create a object (an image background if you like) and set the exposure for 20 frames.
2) Switch to Scene View.
3) Connect the object to the default peg layer (drag and drop the object into the peg layer).
4) Click on the first frame of the peg layer.
5) Go to the Top View window and cntl-click and drag (use the small red circle) the object out of view of the camera on the right.
6) Now click on the last frame (20) of the peg layer.
7) Again go to the Top View window and shift-click and drag the object across the camera’s FOV to the left side. The object should now be out of sight in the camera view and you should see the “motion trail” (peg line) in your windows.

At this point if you use “quick view” the object will move right to left across your screen. So now to loop…

8 ) Minimize (collapse) the peg layer and select the whole layer.
9 ) Copy the whole peg layer (frames 1-20).
10) Position your cursor on the next empty frame on the peg layer and paste (if you were making character walk cycles then you would need to make adjustments here like taking off one frame to make it smooth but that information is all in the linked post).
11) Position your cursor again at the end of the peg layer and paste (repeat this as many times as you like).

Play your animation and the object should go right to left many times.

Not a perfect loop but it has the desired effect.

If you want to have a continuous scene maybe try to “stitch” 2 elements
together by using 2 separate peg and element layers. Overlap the peg layers at the half way point and copy and paste the layers as mentioned above to get the loop e.g. Layer1=Peg1/Element1 starts on frame1-20, Layer2=Peg2/Element2 starts on frame10-30, Layer1=Peg1/Element1 starts again on frame21-41, and Layer2=Peg2/Element2 starts again on frame 31-51 etc.

Good luck!

I just worked out another way to do this but only with draw objects (not images).

In Drawing View: Draw a moving object (or set of object in for a background sceen) in a sequence of cells using the traditional drawing technique (can be utilizing several elements) i.e. object in cell1 on far right of window (off screen), cell2 moves left slightly… ending up with cell(x) and object on far left (off screen).

If you play the animation the object moves right to left one time.
Bundle up all the elements and add them to the library as a single template file (tbt).

Now to loop…
Clear the x-sheet.
Insert a new media element containing the saved template file (drag and drop tbt into new element).
Select whole element and right-click. Select Create Advanced Cycle.
In the “Last Drawing” box, move the slider to the far right (selecting all cells).
In “loops” box select “Continuous” radio button and then enter the number of times you wish to have the loop repeated (in the “loops” field).
Choose whether to overwrite or insert this change by selecting the appropriate radio button.

Press play and stand back…
I am guessing there are pro’s and con’s to using one or the other but it is nice to have the choice anyway!

I was thinking about this in my sleep last night (???) and I see where I was thinking the wrong thing:

A continuous loop is not an infinate loop.

So in TBS you can not create an infinately looping object - you need to specify the number of times it is going to loop

The same is true whether it be set in the Exposure Sheet using the Advanced Cycle or the Timeline copying and pasting a peg layer (or using the Change Loops but that’s another feature which I do not quite understand yet).

I was thinking it would loop an object from last frame to first frame continuously… now I know better… my be I can sleep now…!