Repeated Key Entering

Greetings. I have Toon Boom 3.5/3.5.1 on a Powerbook G4 Mac laptop. One problem I’ve been having is that everytime I start up the program, I have to agree to the licensing agreement and re-enter my license key. Is there any way to make this stop? I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling.


This is most likely related to the fact that you have not installed the application with a user account that possess administrative rights. This resulted in the fact that the file that store the information that says the software was registered was not able to be created, hence come the repetitive request to register the software.

To address this issue you will need to uninstall (delete) Toon Boom Studio v3.5.1 from your machine, login on your computer with a local administrator account, install the application again and launch it to register it.

This should do the trick.

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