Repaint all the strokes that were drawn in the wrong colour

I have a problem.

On a big part of the drawings of the body parts of my character I did not use the right colour palette for the pencil lines.

Instead of using the Black of my character’s palette I used the black of the palette of another one.

In order to identify the lines that were drawn with the wrong colour I changed that colour to red.

What I would like to do now is select the whole character in the Camera View and apply Drawing-> ‘Select Strokes With Current Colour’ in order to be able attribute to these lines the right colour by sclicking on it in the palette.

Unfortunately, the ‘Select Strokes With Current Colour’ operation does not seem to work on several drawings at the same time like the Select Tool would.

Is there another way to quickly repaint all the strokes that were drawn in the wrong colour?

N.B. The fills and the contour lines are on the same level!!!


I had a look on the description of the ‘Select by Colour’ option of the ‘Select Tool’.

The image illustrating the way the tool works shows the blue hairs selected with the tool.
There are at least 3 different blue zones selected at the same time seeming to be part of different layers.

So I’m wondering if that means that it is possible to use that tool on several layers at the same time or if the sample image was created on one single drawing layer.

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Hi stefman,

Yes, it is possible. You have to make sure your "Applies to Camera view only"option isn’t selected, in the Tool Properties view of the Select Tool.
This refers to the “Select Tool Works On Single Drawings” preference from the Camera tab of the Preferences. When this preference is checked, the Select Tool can only select artwork from the active layer, whereas when unchecked, the tool selects across all layers.

Thank you for posting in the Forums.

Hi Matisse,

thank you for your reply.

But, I’m talking about the ‘Select by Colour’ option of the ‘Select Tool’ (the red arrow icon).

This one does not want to apply to several layers whereas the ‘Select Tool’ (the black arrow) does.

Hi stefman,

I was referring to the ‘Select by Colour’ option as well, as it reacts the same way to the ‘Applies to Camera View Only’ option.

Thank you Matisse.

I got it. It works on several layers.
I hadn’t understood how the tool was meant to be used.
I was desperately trying to do a lasso selection covering a zone with elements from several drawings and nothing was selected.
So, the tool is meant to be used like this:
click on a colour and all the areas (of the same drawing) painted with the same colour will be selected. In order to add the coloured areas of other layers I repeat this action holding down SHIFT.

OK, that works. But doesn’t help me a lot. :slight_smile:

So, I get back to my initial question about the ‘Drawing’ → ‘Select Strokes With Current Colour’ function.
I also only manage to make it work on one single layer. Is there a way to select the strokes with the current colour of all the selected layers?