Renumbering Scenes and Panels (individually)

Hi Boomers - I have a scene which is 150 or so panels long. The client wants to re number the scenes and panels differently. Is there any way I can re number each panel? When I select the ‘re name scene’ tab it just re numbers the whole 150 panels - I would like to tackle each panel individually. Is there any way of doing this? I usually work in the thumbnails and not the timeline.

Many thanks

Hi Adam,

There is a preference in the Preferences > Naming tab to rename the panels individually.

Here are the exact instructions:

What is the pattern you have to use to rename the panels? Is it random names or do you have to follow a naming convention?

I hope this helps!


Hi Marie, thanks for the links and advice - but doesn’t seem to do what I want. Apologies for my bad attempt at describing what I need to do, i have only been using SB Pro for a month.

I normally do a new scene on the script and then it numbers automatically, then I do a new scene etc - so the files are exported as Episode Number_Scene Number_Shot Number.

I have now been asked to re-number them so that I change the scene number each time there is and edit. So c/u would be 01/01, 01/02 cut to wide would be 02/01, 02/02, 02/03 etc - does that make any sense? But due to the nature of the concept, it can often all be one scene - so when I want to change the number on the panel, it changes the whole scene and not just the panel selected…

Hope this all makes sense for you. It sounds like something that needs to be started at the beginning onf the project.

Many thanks


Hi Adam,

In the Rename Panels dialog box, did you change the Renaming Rules for Subsequent Panels? This doesn’t allow you to put slashes in it.

Storyboard Pro 5 has scripting ability. Here is a script that would allow you to do what you want.


function renamePanelsWithSlashes(){

//counter for the number of renamed panels.
var count = 0;

//creates a new dialog box
var d = new Dialog();
//dialog box title
d.title = "New Panel Naming Prefix";
//adds an NumberEdit field.
var inputL = new LineEdit;
//field label
inputL.label = "Prefix";

//adds the number field to the dialog box.
d.add( inputL );

//executes the scripts when user presses OK.
if ( d.exec() ){

	//starts cumulating all the actions as one event for the undo/redo list.
	scene.beginUndoRedoAccum("Rename Panels with Prefix");

	//gets the padding value entered by the user.
  		var prefix = inputL.text;

	//creates a new storyboard manager object
	var sb = new StoryboardManager();
	//This gets the number of scenes
	var sm = new SelectionManager();
	var currentScene = sm.getSceneSelection();

//loops through all the scenes selected
for(var n = 0; n < currentScene.length; n++){

		//gets the number of panels in the scene
		var panels = sb.numberOfPanelsInScene(currentScene[n]);	
		//This loops through all the panels of the scene.
		for(var x = 0; x < panels; x++){

			//writes the final panel name.
			var finalName = prefix + (x + 1).toString();			

			//gets the current panel (loop) id.
			var currentPanel = sb.panelInScene(currentScene[n], x);
			//This renames the panel.
			sb.renamePanel(currentPanel, finalName);

			// increments the panel counter.

		}//END OF FOR	

	//Ends the undo/redo single event accumulation. The script can be undone in one event.

	MessageBox.information(count + " panels were renamed.");