Renumbering drawings in X-sheet columns

During the inbetweening process the drawing numbers will end up mixed, in the X-sheet view, like this:


Is there a short command to select the entire column and automatically renumber drawings so the numbers are sequential?


Are you drawing traditionally? Are you just drawing your key poses then going back and drawing inbetweens later?

You could always number/name your drawings beforehand. If not, the closest thing you could get is to right-click and go Rename by Frame.

Hope that helps.

Toon Boom Support


I am drawing keys on the Cintiq, then going back and drawing inbetweens. All drawings get numbered automatically.

I was hoping there was a way to “clean-up” the numbers once I am done with the bulk of it. From the sound of your reply, I guess that is not quite possible. But I guess renaming by frame would be acceptable.

So, just to make sure, the option I am looking for is not available, right?

Not sure if you’re discounting this, but you can click the column header in the X-sheet, and that will select the whole layer’s frames, which you can then right click on to select the rename option.

Alternately, there’s an option in the preferences which automatically names the drawing based on the frame number, rather than on how many drawings you’ve done before.

(now if only I could find out how to flush old, unused drawings, because when I do rename-by-frame, and I’ve done a lot of previous deleted drawings, it’ll append a _1 or _3 or whatever if it’s trying to rename to a number which previously existed elsewhere…)