Rendering with Anti-Aliasing Disabled

Hi guys I can’t seem to find a solution to this anywhere on the net and I just had to make an account to ask!

In ToonBoom, you can disable Anti-Aliasing in the OpenGL preferences tab to create a jagged, “pixelated” look for your brush.

However, in Render view, it applies smoothing to the strokes, removing the aliasing.

Is it possible to render an animation while retaining the aliased, jagged edges?


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I know of one way to do that: Right-click on a layer’s name in your timeline. Select LAYER PROPERTIES from the popup box. Now click on the ADVANCED tab. Where it says ANTIALIASING QUALITY, set that to “low” for jagged edges.

You would have to do that for each layer.

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You can also use a Remove-Transparency below a Composite (final or for a group) and remove the anti-aliasing on the outside of the composited images. For example you could have one for each character so that the inside is anti-aliased while the outside is aliased. Good for sprites I think.