Rendering Times Slower Than Molasses

My Cartoon is now getting complicated: I have maybe 12-15 layers, 4 of which are audio. I creating a short 10 frame “transition” into my next sequence. It’s nearly static. Yet when I draw the images (3 unique) images, It takes forever for the images to appear on the screen. (15 secnds and longer). When I extend the exposure of these very same 3 frames it will take another 15-20 seconds. This really slows down the creative flow.

I’m running tbs 5 with a new intel Quad with tons of memory in each hd.

Recommendations to speed up the rendering process needed:

Hi - what is the graphic card you are using? what about the OS… if it is Vista or Win7, have you turned off the glossy view to speed things up? do you have dual monitors? are you drawing in pencil or brush? do you use textures and /or have large bitmap bg’s? How heavy are those sound files? all these things can contribute to speed… your feedback can help us find the source

TB Support

Answering TB Support’s questions:

Graphic Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX+;
Computer: Intel Core Quad Q8200 @ 2.33GHz;
memory: 4 GB;
System: Vista 64 bit;
Monitors: 1 monitor, 1 Wacom tablet;
Audio: light, largest of 4 files: 735KB, smallest: 395 KB.

I am using brushes, imported background from Illustrator CS3, no bitmaps, no textures;

Thanks for the info, your computer setup sounds good!

-have you tried different settings in your TBS display preferences?
-from the top menu, go to [Edit > Preferences > Display];
and under the “Rendering Options”, try dragging the slider to the left
for faster display and to the right for more video and memory usage
-check also if drawing with the mouse also lags; if it does not lag but drawing
with the tablet pen does, then try the different “Tablet Support” settings in
your [Preferences]

-if you still experience lags while drawing, you may send your scene to for analysis if you like (we can provide an
upload link upon your request).


Thanks I’ll try it now.

Lag times have diminished. Haven’t been able to find the “glossy” display setting that is referred to. I have reset all other parameters and rendering is much quicker.