Rendering the movie with anti aliasing off?

I was wondering if there were any easier way to render a movie with AA off so it looks like the opengl frames. The only thing i’ve found searching through the forums was to set each layers AA to low, but with having so many layers it’s really not plausible to do effectively. Is there no plugin or way to just get rid off AA for render?


The final rendering anti-aliasing is adjusted in Layer Properties window under Advanced.

Have you tried adding Pegs to multiple parts and adjusting only the Peg’s Layer Properties to see the result? If it works it would reduce the number of layers to tinker with.

After digging around I figured it out! If you do export->opengl farmes you can do movie there, and it will render the same look as the openfl AAless frames. The only thing to keep in mind is that if you have anything highlighted or color card enabled, it will look exactly what the camera is seeing so you have to use a proper background or color layer.