Rendering Question on a MAC

I am working on a G4 Mac.

I find that when I export a movie to miniDV or DVD, if I have a character standing in front of a window, and the outline of the window is behind the characters head, I will get an outline of the window behind the character as if the line is continuing through.

Now, this didn’t show up in ANYTHING I rendered out of TOON BOOM. I never noticed this when I was editing either. It isn’t there when I am working in my computer. Just when I render out a final product to miniDV or tape.

Does anybody know why this might be. It isn’t that bad it’s just something I would like not to be there but I can certainly live with.

Thank you for all your help,

Evan Jacobs

What software are you using to render to DV ?

Are you watching the output on your computer screen or a television set ?

Do you think you could provide us with a sample ?

My first guest would be that your are watching an interlaced DV movie made for you television on your computer. That will make things blurry and you will see artefacts.

Let me know !



You asked:
"What software are you using to render to DV ?"
I edited the movie in FINAL CUT PRO. I then made a DVD of it in iDVD which is not a very top of the line program like DVD Studio Pro. I just did it for fun. I am doing a final edit on my feature length film “1985-1986” (made completed with Toon Boom!) and the final version will be between 70-80 minutes rendered out to miniDV.

You Asked:
"Are you watching the output on your computer screen or a television set ?"
I was watching the movie on DVD on my TV. I tried watching it on my computer but my MAC wouldn’t play the disc that IT made. Go figure. It just ejected it. However, even the VHS tape that I made of the movie from my computer has this rendering problem.

You Asked:
"Do you think you could provide us with a sample ?"
If I could play it on my computer. I could mail the disc to you. It wouldn’t be a problem. I even tell you what scenes or maybe just make a DVD of those scenes.

Lastly, I don’t think this Toon Boom’s fault. In fact, I don’t think it is even a compression issue. I think it is a TV issue. I watched the DVD and a miniDV test of the scenes on another TV, and the lines that appeared are barely noticeable (I think they may not even be there, I might just be so used to looking for them and finding them on my other set).

Lastly, I watced some “behind the scenes” featurette on a DVD of the movie THE WARRIORS. This is a DVD from a major studio, and there was a scene with an actor talking, and some graphics and there was a line that went right across him.

I think it’s my TV or my DVD player. As I can’t control what people will eventually play my movies on, I don’t think this is something I can worry about. Some people will get a few lines (they probably won’t even notice) and others will not. Such is life, right?

Finally, on the FINAL CUT PRO version I rendered out of my computer, there was none of this stuff going on in any of the pictures. Just when it was rendered out to tape and DVD.

Evan Jacobs

If you know and can get into contact with Jesse Giroux please have him email me. He is a former TOON BOOM employee and someone who was greatly responsible for me buying the program and being able to make my movie. Currently, it is off to some festivals… but just being able to make this film has been a realizationg of a dream. I have TOON BOOM to thank!

Hi Evan,

Thanks for the feedback. I will certainly try to reach Jesse for you. It’s been a while but I think I might be able to find him. I’ll let you know.

For the rendering problem, I kind of agree with you that the problem is probably with your DVD player or TV Set.

Unfortunately I don’t think there is much I can do to help you out.
According to your results, it should not be a software problem.

We have a high fidelity monitor here, you could send me a DVD and I will be glad to watch it and tell you if I have this problem.
Just make sure the DVD has a region 1 code (or un coded).

While you are at it, maybe you can put on a DVD the rendered movie from TBS (OR FC) that has the problem. I can try convert them to DVD files with an other software and compare the results.

PLUS I would really, really enjoy watching your animation movie.

This must be very exciting. A movie over and hour long is a huge accomplishment, you can be proud of yourself.

Congratulations !!!

and keep on Tooning !

(I’ll get back to you soon).



The problem with sending you a DVD of the movie is that it’s 107 minutes. In iDVD this is too much for it to handle and there are DVD hits all over it. I actually just made the DVD to see if I could.

As far as putting the Final Cut Pro file on a disk, the movie is 23GB which is too big for the 4.7 DVDs.

I could however send you a VHS copy. Sadly, it would be NTSC.

Or, I could send you the DVD I made of my movie (the one I see the lines and then don’t see the lines depending on the TV), I really don’t need it anymore and I could tell you what scenes to look for. You would just have DVD hits all over the film.

However you want to do it is fine with me.

Thank you for all of your help and for saying the kind words about the movie. I look forward to sending Toon Boom the 70-80 minute final cut. As I said, without the software there would be no movie.

Also, I look forward to getting into PANTHER on my Mac and getting into the new Toon Boom. I already know what my next feature length animated movie will be, but I plan to work with the software for about 2 more years so I can get even better with it.

Still, after working with it for a year, and coming into all this stuff cold (I knew NOTHING about animation), I think I did okay.

Thank you again!

-Evan Jacobs